Almost ready to go …

Garden … check –

BBQ … check –

Furniture … almost check –

We are almost ready for renting.  The official start date for renting is July 11th 2015.  That first week is still available.  Contact us for more information.

The last couple of weeks have been hectic.  The construction work got finished, furniture got delivered, paintwork got done, the garden was made ready.  Crazy times.  But now it’s almost coming to an end.  The last deliveries happen in the coming 2 weeks.  Week of July 6th we will do the finishing touches. And then clean it and off we go.  This website will also grow as we go.  Pages will be updated, photos will be added.  Today a couple of important pages have been added :

  • The Floorplan
  • Pictures of the new garden
  • Pictures of the ski room

We are also gathering information about summer activities.  And plan to try them out very soon!