Eingnag, Halle und Parkplatz

The apartment has a separate entry from the other apartments in the building.  When entering through this door you get into a first hall.


On the right hand side there’s the door of the apartment.  The apartment name is on the door, you can’t miss it.  This gets you into the real hall of the apartment.  In that space you will find 2 closets, a place to hang your coats and to put your ski helmets.


The hall is connected to the living room straight ahead.  There’s 3 more doors in the hall.  One leading to the room at the front of the house.  One leading to the second bathroom. And one labelled „privat“.  This room is closed for guests.


The apartment has one reserved parking spot in front of the apartment. It’s labelled with the apartment logo.  If guests have more than 1 car they are asked to park those in front of the church (free parking spots).  Walking back to the apartment is not far away: you can walk straight up through the meadow.  That’s an official pass through.


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