Once upon a time there were 2 small Belgian boys who went skiing to La Bresse.  We are talking about 2008.


They both liked sports.  And they both played football.  But the younger one didn’t like football.  And that’s when he spotted some young kids doing a ski training.  This is what he wanted to do as well.


Unfortunately for him he was born in the wrong country.  There are no mountains in Belgium, let alone ski slopes.  So we told him that.  But the little boy kept on insisting.  And in the end we found a solution for his passion.  He joined the team of racers of Snow College.  He’s now spending over 100 days per year on skis and he’s trying hard to become a ski racer.

DSC_0050 Modified3_cr

And with some great results …


But what does all of this have to do with this apartment ?

Well it has a lot to do with it 🙂  The racing team has a fixed training location.  Most of the time they say in Haus Piesendorf.  Which is how we got to know the lovely village of Piesendorf.  And a lot of people living there.  So we got interested in buying our own property in the area of Zell am See.  We met Valentijn and Robert from Alpendreams at the second home fair in Brussels.  On December 22nd we made an appointment with Valentijn to get to know each other in Piesendorf and visit a couple of properties in the neighbourhood.  At the end of the visit Valentijn brought us back to Piesendorf where he showed us this ground floor apartment with a stunning view. It was love at first sight, even just from the outside.

The next day we were back. This time to visit the apartment on the inside.  And the inside was as spectacular as the outside.  We made an offer.  The offer was accepted and February 26th we were back in Austria to „seal the deal“ …

The apartment needed a little bit of construction to be fully ready for renting out.  An extra sleeping room was added, the garden required some work and we had to put in the furniture of hotel quality.  Adding the smaller stuff like plates and cooking equipment, a couple of more TV sets and we were ready to go.

So this is how you get from a little boy with a passion for skiing to having an apartment in Piesendorf 🙂