Reservations are done on this website in a couple of steps.

Step 1

Check out the pricing and calculate the price of the week(s) you are interested in.  There’s a pricing calculator available to do the work for you.

Step 2

Check the availability table.  The table also shows what season the week is in and the base price of that week.  All rental starts on Saturday and finishes on Saturday.  The availability table is only indicative.  The apartment is also offered through other channels so a check by the owner is always required (no worries, direct booking on this website is always the cheapest option).

Step 3

If you find a week that still looks available on the calendar, fill out the booking request form.  Filling filling out this form you get another price quote send to you by email.  At the same time check out the general terms and conditions. Those also include all kind of useful information including the payment terms.

Step 4

If the apartment is still available you will get an email back to ask to confirm your booking request.  This is done by a simple email back.  The booking is final by doing the payment of the first term (see general terms and conditions).

Step 5

All is done, get ready for your holiday. Check out the rest of the useful information on the website!