Living & Dining Room

The apartment has an open living room and kitchen.  There are large windows in the front and on the side that give you the stunning panorama.  Guess how the apartment got its name ?  Through these windows you have access to the terraces and the garden.  Good weather after skiing, enjoy your after ski outside.  Not to forget the great summer evenings around the barbecue …

Full Kitchen

The dining table is a real eye catching piece. It’s made of real Austrian wood that is several hundreds of years old …  It takes 4 people to carry it around (which is fortunately not needed).  Standard there’s 8 chairs around the table.  In the 2 bedrooms there are additional identical chairs for those people who want to sit with 10.  There’s one baby chair in the apartment.  When not in use it’s stored in the garden house.

Dinner Table

There’s a cooking island with an induction cooking plate.  All kitchen equipment is there !  There’s even a fondue set and a 6 person gourmet set.  Last but not least there’s the kitchen block with the oven, the dish washer, a fridge and a large freezer.  Of course everything needed for coffee and tea making is there as well.


There a cosy corner with a large television (DVD player available, digital setup box with all possible channels).  In that corner there’s a couch that can be used as a bed for 2 additional people.  Sleeping couches have a bad reputation.  This one is different.  It has a real hotel quality mattress on it.  There’s 2 more separate one person seats.


Everything you need for a relaxing holiday !

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