Multimedia in the living room

Back from skiing and tired ?  That one bad weather day 🙂 ?  Kids need to calm down a bit ?

Well, we’re all 21st century people, so we can’t do without multimedia (or can we ?)

The 2 main bedrooms have an HD TV set.  But the real stuff is in the living room.  In the living room you have an HD TV, a DVD player (yeah, bit old school), a HD receiver giving you 100’s of channels to choose from (tip : check out the ski domain channels to know the latest news and see the webcams) and a sound system.  The HD Receiver allows you to play video and music from a USB stick.  The sound system allows you to connect any bluetooth device to stream music.  A practical guide …

Note : take full advantage of all the possibilities, but please leave the cable as they are …  A modern multimedia system equals a cable mess.  They are all “hidden”.  Please don’t touch 🙂


The living room TV

The Panasonic TV is connected to the Digital TV receiver and as such has 100’s of channels.  This is the remote of the TV :

Remote TV Living Room

Switch it on (push the button for 2 seconds, bit longer than other TVs).  You will notice the “analog cable” is not connected.  This is done on purpose because that is not offering good quality images.

Switch on the Digital Receiver with this remote:

Remote HD TV ReceiverIn case you are wondering, this is the receiver :

HD TV Receiver

This one is connected to HDMI 2 of the TV. To switch to that input (if needed), click on TV/AV of the TV remote.  And if needed on the blue button to switch between HDMI 1 and HDMI 2.

To flip channels, use the remote of the digital receiver.

What about sound ?

We tried to keep it “simple” here 🙂  All sources (TV, receiver, DVD) are connected to the AUX input of the Soundbar.  So if you put the soundbar on AUX using the soundbar remote (“source”), you will always have great audio.

Remote Soundbar

The exception : if you want to connect your own bluetooth device, put “source” on BT and connect your device. Works like a charm.  Once connected you can even control your device using the remote or switch the sound system on or off using your device (yeah, this is for the Geeks) …

The subwoofer is always automatically on.  Nothing needed to get great low audio.

Connecting a USB stick

Pretty straight forward, put a USB stick in the Digital Receiver and go to media player using the remote.  Audio, photos, video, … it all works.  Note : to watch a full movie, encode it as MPEG 720p (1280×720).  This one has been tested.  Other format have proven to provide challenges.

Watching a DVD

The DVD is under the subwoofer.  So point the DVD remote downwards to make it work 🙂

Remote DVD Player

The DVD player is connected to the component input of the TV.  Push TV/AV on the TV remote and after that the yellow button.  Sound through the soundbar AUX.


And with this : HAVE FUN !  And keep the neighbours in mind 🙂

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