Good or bad weather, it doesn’t really matter (as long as there’s no thunder in the air).  Rafting is a great adventure.  It’s a typical half day experience, morning or afternoon.  You can do it about 15 minutes from the apartment.

Frost Rafting

Frost Rafting

We recommend FROST RAFTING AND CANYONING TOURS.  More information on their website.

Folders available in the apartment as well.

Our personal experience :

We did a morning tour.  Meeting in the camp at 9:30.  Rafting starts at the camp site. Back around 12’ish.  You get something to drink and a pancake.  If you want you can do a great walk in a canyon (small fee applies) straight from the camp.  Great guides in multiple languages.  It can also work for smaller kids. Ask for information on family tours.  All equipment is available at the camp.  Just bring some dry clothes, extra shoes and a towel.

An interesting finding : the water is ALWAYS cold.  Even if it’s 40° outside (yes, we tried that).  It’s melting water that runs at high speeds. So it doesn’t get a chance to warm up like a lake can.  But this has a strange effect.  If it’s 40° outside, it’s “fun in the sun”.  But the water feels very cold. If it’s only 20° and raining, the difference is less big.  And as such the water doesn’t feel “that cold”.  So both options work.  We would even tend to recommend choosing a rainy day 🙂

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