The road to Piesendorf (by car)

A lot of roads lead to Piesendorf …  This post is about coming from Munich.

During winter season traffic can be quite “tough” when you need to come from Munich.  So what are the tips and tricks …

The obvious ones

Avoid “the last bit” between Munich and Piesendorf on the Saturday between 10:00 and 18:00.  If that is possible of course …  Friends living in Munich are even saying you need to be south of Munich before 7:00 (yes, in the morning) …  The motorway south of Munich is just not large enough to deal with all that traffic.  We try to drive the Friday night to Ulm/Augsburg/…  And then take it from there in the morning.  But even then …

Some alternatives

Through Munich

Sounds crazy, but it’s not … If the A99 (ring) is completely full, it’s much faster to go “through” Munich.  If you come from Augsburg, instead of taking the A99 at exit 79, go straight ahead on the A8 to exit 81.  On that exit you go to the A99 (as such in the other direction). This “south ring” has never been finished but it gets you to the “Mittlerer Ring”, the small inside ring in Munich.  At this moment there’s still some roadworks there. But even with those roadworks, this is faster than “the normal road” if everything is full.  From there you have the choice between the A995 or the A8.  When the traffic is a real disaster, go for the A995, take exit 5 and go on the B13 to Holzkirchen.

If you come from Ingolstadt, go straight ahead at exit 72 (direction Munich center).  Keep following the A9.  You get to the same “Mittlerer Ring”.  Or you take the A8 or if it’s really bad, same story as above. Go for the A995 and the B13 to Holzkirchen.

The “panoramic” road

If traffic on the A8 allows it, you can go back to the highway.  But often that is not the case.  If it’s not snowing and it’s not dark yet, continue on the B318 in Holzkirchen.  Direction Tegernsee.  Take the B307 direction Schlierzee/Bayrischzell.  A trully wonderfull road if weather condition allow.  Instead of being stuck on the highway, enjoy the views.  You get to the A93 highway at the village of Oberaudorf.

To vignet or not to vignet, that’s the question …

In Rosenheim you have to take motorway E45 direction Kufstein.  Be carefull here …  Kufstein is Austria.  The German/Austrian border is literally 1000 m before Kufstein (coming from Germany).  Until 2014 you didn’t need a vignette for that 1000 meters.  Since 2015 you need one !  Don’t take the risk. The fines are huge and they do check …  It’s crazy, but it is what it is.  But there’s more …  On busy days, the exit Kufstein is just a real bad idea …  When you get to Kufstein, it can still take you literally hours to get to Piesendorf.  The road from Kufstein to Kitzbuhel (the one you need) is next to the parking lots of ski domains like Scheffau, Going, Ellmau, …  It’s simple : from 15:00 onwards those roads are full …  Don’t even try …

Instead take the exit at Oberaudorf (or drive straight ahead if you did the “panoramic” road.  Past the Walchsee in Kranzach, over Kössen.  Take the exit to the L39.  In Erpfendorf you get to the B178.  The recommended road (fastest) is direction Waidring/Lofer.  From Lofer on the B311 direction Saalfelden, Zell am See and then Piesendorf. The alternative is direction Sankt Johann in Tirol.  There’s 2 “challenges” with this road : you need to pass by Kitzbuhel and you need to go over the Pass Thurn.  But it’s possible.  From Kitzbuhel to Mittersill and to Piesendorf.

Traunstein – Chiemsee

If you decide to stay on the highway from Munich to Rosenheim, go straight ahead in Rosenheim. Direction Salzburg. No vignet needed as long as you exit the highway at exit 112 (Siegdorf).  Take direction Inzell.  Pay attention past the village of Mauthäusl … You need to take a bit of a strange exit to the right. Then direction Lofer, Saalbach and Zell am See.








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