Über die Ankunft Prozess

You can arrive any time after 3PM.  At the front door of the apartment there’s a key locker that has the key of the apartment.  You will get the code for this locker the week before arrival.  Like this you don’t need to call anybody to get in the apartment.  No stress on the road !  The number of the housemaster is on the key locker in case anything goes wrong.


The apartment has a seperate entry from the other apartments.  Use the red key to get into the main entrance.


Here you find the door of the apartment on the right hand side.  Use the same key to get into the apartment itself.  Through this door you get into the entry hall of the apartment.  In that hall you will find 2 more key lockers.


The left one with the code is for the cleaning and maintenance team.  The right one is not locked and contains the key of the garden house.  It can also be used by the guests during the stay.

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